What is Nornir and why should YOU care?

Nornir is a pure Python automation framework intended to be used directly from Python. While most automation frameworks use their own Domain Specific Language (DSL) which you use to describe what you want to have done, Nornir lets you control everything from Python.
Putting simple: focus on your business logic, leave heavy lifting to Nornir

WHAT EXACTLY do we cover in THIS training?

Session 1

Description of the automation frameworks purposes
Details of Nornir building blocks
Details of basic Nornir functionality
Creating your first Nornir workflow [live DEMO]
Details of the Nornir parallelisation
Troubleshooting and debugging Nornir [live DEMO]
What to do in case of deadlock
Nornir NetBox inventory vs connecting to NetBox as Nornir task [live DEMO]
Approx. duration 5 hours

Sesssion 2

Variety of the network libraries available for Nornir
Ideas of the scalable network automation solutions with Nornir (and without it)
Automating network devices [Nokia, Arista, Cisco, Cumulus] with CLI-based modules (e.g. netmiko, scrapli) [live DEMO]
Automating network devices [Nokia, Arista, Cisco] with NETCONF/YANG (e.g. ncclient) [live DEMO]
Automating network devices [Nokia, Arista] with gNMI/YANG (e.g. pygnmi) [live DEMO]
Looking ahead
Approx. duration 5 hours

Sesssion 3

Deep-dive into Nornir filtering (simple and advanced)
Programmatically tailor Nornir inventory during the script’s execution [live DEMO]
Usage of 3rd party plug-ins for Nornir
Installation, configuration and usage of plug-ins for SSH/CLI and GNMI/YANG network devices’ management
Approx. duration 1.5 hours

Why does it make sense FOR YOU to learn with us?

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Ask questions and get additional examples
Participate in group discussions of real cases
Get support in post-training period
Learn towards certification (Cisco DevNet, RedHat Ansible, etc)
Have instant access to all learning materials any time
Chat with your peers and instructor in private slack chat


One of the most popular network operating system in the Service Provider networks


One of the most popular network operating system in the Data Centres (including Web Scale)


Presented widely across various network types: Enterprises, Service Providers, Data Centres


The disaggregated network operating system which is getting more and more popular

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