Despite you may think that the answer will depend on the company or industry, the truth is that the goal is to remove humans from the networking operational process as much as possible. There are multiple reasons for that: decreasing time-to-react and time-to-complete the implementation of the analysis and troubleshooting activities, reduction of costs, improving the quality and stability of changes. This is a real state of IT industry.
As such, the aim of this training is to provide the knowledge needed for network and solution engineers and architects to design and deploy closed-loop network automation systems leveraging the Open Source next-generation monitoring frameworks and Python-based API web services.

WHAT EXACTLY do we cover in THIS training?

Session 1

Analysis of requirements for network monitoring in the automation era
Deep-dive in the architecture of closed-loop automation systems
Introduction to Prometheus and its components
Setup of Prometheus [live DEMO]
Overview of Prometheus exporters
Setup of network monitoring with Prometheus and SNMP exporters [live DEMO]
Approx. duration 5 hours

Sesssion 2

Overview of telemetry modes for network devices
Design of network monitoring systems with streaming telemetry
Setup of network monitoring with Prometheus and pyGNMI leveraging model-driven telemetry [live DEMO]
Overview of alerting mechanisms in Prometheus
Integration of Prometheus with Slack for alerting [live DEMO]
Overview of Grafana
Setup of visualisation of network metrics in Grafana [live DEMO]
Approx. duration 5 hours

Sesssion 3

Introduction API gateways and Python-based web services
Overview of FastAPI framework
Development of Python-based API gateway [live DEMO]
Integration of API gateway with Prometheus for closed-loop automation [live DEMO]
Analysis of the created monitoring and automation stack
Configuration normalisation and deployment simplification with Ansible [live DEMO]
Integration of monitoring/automation stack deployment with GitHub CI/CD [live DEMO]
Approx. duration 5 hours


It is expected that You have already taken part in and successfully graduated from our Zero-to-Hero Network Automation Training.

Covered tools and technologies


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One of the most popular network operating system in the Service Provider networks


One of the most popular network operating system in the Data Centres (including Web Scale)


Presented widely across various network types: Enterprises, Service Providers, Data Centres


The disaggregated network operating system which is getting more and more popular

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