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Network Engineer, Pre-Sales / Post-Sales Consultants, IT Architects
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50 hours training sessions
50 hours hands-on labs
Practical use cases
Unlimited questions
Part of our community
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Easy to understand complicated topics
Quick way to achieve your goals
Lifetime access to learning materials
Real-world practical cases

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Course Outline

Session 1

Infrastructure #1

Introduction, Linux Operation and Management

Session 2

Infrastructure #2

Linux Networking, KVM and virtualisation, Docker and containerisation

Session 3

Data Formats and Interfaces #1

Data Models (YANG) and Data Formats (XML, JSON, YAML, Protobuf)

Session 4

Data Formats and Interfaces #2


Session 5

Bash #1

Bash use cases, operation, syntax and development of scripts (simple and interactive) for Linux and Cisco, Nokia, Arista and Cumulus management

Session 6

Ansible #1

Ansible use cases, operation, syntax and development of playbooks for Linux and Cisco, Nokia, Arista and Cumulus management with SSH

Session 7

Ansible #2

Jinja2 templates, Ansible Roles, Vaults and complex Playbooks to manage Cisco, Nokia and Arista NETCONF

Session 8

Python #1

Python use cases, basic syntax, Jinja2 templates and development of script to work with Cisco, Nokia, Arista, and Cumulus over the SSH using paramiko. Visualising any network data with graphs in Python.

Session 9

Python #2

Object Oriented Programming, Classes and Objects, Exceptions, developing of code to managing Cisco, Nokia, and Arista with NETCONF/YANG and GNMI/YANG

Session 10

Python #3

NetBox, REST API, Intergration of Ansible and Python scripts with NetBox, Python performance, AsyncIO and geo tracing

Session 11

Python #4

Description of NAPALM library, developing of code to managing Cisco, Nokia, and Arista with NAPALM

Learning Network Automation is a journey. By choosing us as your learning partner, you choose to be successful in this area and can reach the goal: end-to-end automation of everything in your IT and Network infrastructure.

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