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Zero-to-Hero Network Automation

Our core automation training bringing you from zero (or any other) level to the expert level knowledge in Network Automation.

Covered network vendors: Cisco, Nokia, Arista, Cumulus

Covered technologies: Linux/KVM/Docker, YANG / JSON / XML / YAML / Protobuf, VS Code, SSH / NETCONF / RESTCONF / GNMI, Ansible / Bash / Jinja2 / Python, NetBox fundamentals

Automation Orchestration AWX

Our automation training focusing on orchestrating automation with Ansible in enterprise IT to bring speed, stability, and security.

Covered network vendors: Cisco, Nokia, Arista, Cumulus

Covered technologies: Ansible Tower (Automation Controller) and AWX, GitHub Integration, REST API Integration for Ansible, Docker Containers for custom EE, Introduction to Kubernetes, NetBox.

Network Automation with Nornir

Our advanced automation training bringing focusing on Nornir, which is one of the most popular and successful automation frameworks.

Covered network vendors: Cisco, Nokia, Arista, Cumulus

Covered technologies: Python/Nornir, Text-Based and Model-Driven Automation, 4S Automation Development, SSH(paramiko/scp/scrapli) / NETCONF(ncclient) / GNMI (pygnmi), Nornir to NetBox integration

Closed-loop Automation

Our expert-level training to teach you how to design and build closed-loop automation leveraging next-generation monitoring and Python.

Covered network vendors: Cisco, Nokia, Arista, Cumulus

Covered technologies: Prometheus including Exporters and Push Gateways, SNMP, streaming telemetry with GNMI, Grafana, Python, FastAPI, Slack, Ansible, GitHub actions (CI/CD).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The training are conducted online either in live or self-paced format. Therefore, you need a PC or laptop with a microphone, speaker and camera. It is also supposed that you conduct all the labs on your PC as well, what would require to have at least 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM is preferable), 4 cores CPU and 40GB free disk space.

Yes, the live training could be provided on a custom schedule just for your company with at least 5 participants. It is also possible to bring tailor content to your particular topics. Leave a request in the form below.

In order to provide the best quality of materials, a room for ad-hoc experiments and time for in-depth discussions, the maximum amount of student per group is limited to 10 persons.

All live-sessions are recorded and shared afterwards, so you will have a life-time access to the videos anytime via our online platform.

The main advantage of the life training compared to self-paced is an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need. As the course consists of lab exercises after each session, this is a great way to find a help during the session by asking extra clarifications if something is unclear. After such a collaboration you will be confident in your new skills as nothing will pass you by.

All our trainers have extensive experience in designing, building, operating and automating the network and IT infrastructure in many countries in the world. Therefore, each session you have an opportunity to learn how the real life automation works. The instructors' team is led by Anton (MSc InfoSec, BSc Telecommunication, 2x CCIE), who constantly updates the content of all trainings, creates new and maintains open source Python projects (e.g., pygnmi, HAWK, and others).

All our student who has finished any training with us, can get a special discount for the other courses.

Yes, we offer a one-to-one session too, where our team will solve any theoretical or practical issues in the area of Automation and IT. Please leave your request below with a short description of your issue and deadlines, so we can organise the best way to assist you.

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