What is AWX and why should YOU care?

Automation of IT infrastructure is a double edge sword, which could be either a bless and help you speed up your processes in a predictable and safe way or it can be a curse, which will bring your infrastructure down in the worst possible way. Therefore, orchestration of the automation is a key component to make sure your automation does exactly what it is asked and only corresponding employees or 3rd party applications can use that. This is what our new training, Automation Orchestration with AWX is for.

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WHAT EXACTLY do we cover in training?

Day 1

Introduction to Automation Orchestration
Overview of AWX architecture
Getting AWX up and running [live DEMO]
Populating inventory in AWX [live DEMO]
Safe handling of credentials in AWX [live DEMO]
Relation between Ansible and AWX. Quick overview of Ansible playbooks.
Templates and Jobs: running first playbook from AWX [live DEMO]
Approx. duration 5 hours

Day 2

Tracking activities and results of Ansible Playbook executions in AWX [live DEMO]
Integration with GitHub/GitLab [live DEMO]
Improving AWX Inventory with NetBox integration [live DEMO]
Building complex non-linear workflows [live DEMO]
3rd party applications integration to AWX via REST API [live DEMO]
Role Based Access Control to AWX [live DEMO]
Looking ahead
Approx. duration 5 hours

At the end of the Training You will be able to plan, deploy and operate AWX (Red Hat Ansible Tower / Automation Controller) in your IT/network infrastructure including various 3rd party integrations.

Modern network switch with cables.

Why does it make sense FOR YOU to learn with us?

We use and build automation tools and systems since 2016. We know what is is and eager to teach you.
Study on Saturday outside of working hours to be uninterrupted
Focus on the most relevant and useful technologies and vendors
Benefit from advanced advanced topics and real-life use cases
Learn with the industry-leading instructors live
Access the online lab environment to get best learning experience
Ask questions and get additional examples
Participate in group discussions of real cases
Get support in post-training period
Learn towards certification (Cisco DevNet, RedHat Ansible, etc)
Have instant access to all learning materials any time
Chat with your peers and instructor in private slack chat

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