What do YOU need to do?

Start learning network automation and programmability skills now and secure your job in near and long-term future.


Why is it important for YOU?

Network engineering has radically changed in the past 5 years. In addition to BGP, OSPF, ISIS, EVPN, MPLS, VXLAN and many other network features, you can often see in jobs description:

Network programmability (NETCONF/YANG, RESTCONF)
Programming/scripting skills (Python, Bash, Ruby)
Configuration management (Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
CI/CD framework (Jenkins, GitLab)

And many others. Yes, you read about network engineering positions, not a software development. Nowadays, all the applications are built as distributed systems, where the communication between them must be established quickly, securely and predictably. There is no room for traditional ticket systems with manual ticket processing anymore.

The applications should be able to automatically instantiate the network connectivity when/how they need it, document it and release, when it is not needed any more. Network is part of the application. Network is a service.

It is you, who needs to develop and maintain such a network-as-a-service approach. It is you, who builds the future of the networking. And it is you, who build the future of your own career.

The Network DevOps time has come, and you need to take this challenge or leave the path for others.

How will YOU benefit from the course?


Deep understanding of network programmability and automation framework, tools and technologies. You will understand the abbreviations above, and what they do.


Survival-level skills in the chosen programming languages and automation tools so that you understand. You will be able read code, utilize code, and create code yourself.


Surrounding of the inspired network engineers, who are chasing the same goals. You will talk to your peers. You will have an opportunity to collaborate and co-create with them.


Cisco DevNet certification boost. You get hands-on skills necessary to follow Cisco DevNet brand-new certification (associate, specialist and professional level).

What exactly will you learn?

There will be 10 webinars covering the following list of topics:

What is automation? Why and how to automation?
Setting the scene (Linux, GitHub, KVM, Docker)
Data formats (XML, JSON, YAML)
Main protocols (SSH/CLI, NETCONF , RESTCONF, gNMI) and data models (YANG)
Bash scripting to control network functions
Ansible architecture
Ansible advanced scripts to control network functions
Python architecture
Python advanced programming for your network
Container networking, micro-services architecture and REST API (Bash, Ansible, Python)

10 online instructor-led class with webinar once a week


1,5-hours-long webinar each time + learning materials


Homework after each class to master your skills


Individual feedback for you


In theory, there is no difference between the theory and the practice. In practice, there is.

NetDevOps tools
Network Vendors
Programming language
Opportunities for your career

Why should YOU learn with us?

Because we know, what we teach. Because we use these tools ourselves daily. Because we can make YOU the network automation expert.

How to start learning?

It’s easy. Book the online instructor-led training to secure your place as soon as possible. There are only two groups, and each is limited to 10 participants. Such limitation is necessary to allow us to focus on your needs and provide you the personal time with the instructor.

Weekday course (start 16.10.2019)
Wednesday 8 pm CET / 11 am PT
$ 499
Suits EMEA and Americas
Instructor-led webinars
Learning materials
Personal feedback
Community support
Weekend course (start 19.10.2019)
Saturday 10 am CET / 2.30 pm IST
$ 499
Suits EMEA and APAC
Instructor-lead webinars
Learning materials
Personal feedback
Community support

*Prices are provided without VAT. VAT depends on your country.

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